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Slow Spriting
  6th April, 2017


The new laptop has one fatal flaw..


Although I'm slowly getting used to it, the trackpad doesn't actually have physical buttons, as such.
The whole trackpad clicks down for a click, and depending on whether your finger is in the bottom right corner or not, it's either a left click or a right click.
For most tasks this is mostly suitable, but for things like drag'n'dropping it's a total pain in the arse.
Especially if you're trying to "Right-Drag", where things become incredibly complicated.

Aside from that, pixelart has become infinitely more difficult.
I keep trying to plot precise pixels, then move my thumb over to "left-click", but forgetting that the "mouse button" area is still a touchpad, so my thumb movement moves the damn pointer..
Previously that area had been a plastic physical button, so swiping my thumb over it wasn't a problem.

It's something to learn. And I'm sure I will.
But trying to animate Samurai Plat, yesterday, was a frustrating experience!!

Daily Doodle : Captain Plat

Sailing the seas and killing for gold.
Captain Plat and his parrot, Mrs Twinkles, rule the waves.


The laptop works a treat, I guess.
I complain, but it isn't too bad.
At least the hard drive's nice and quick,
and the Sticky Notes no longer lag.

Previous Laptop : Should've been a sign!! Hard Drive Failure Imminent!


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