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S2 Begins
  7th May, 2017


For the past couple of days, I've been working on a Top Secret hidden project, and late last night I made the first post about it, over at SoCoder.


Essentially, I'll be rebuilding the entire forum, top to bottom.
The forum currently uses PHPv3 styled methods, and the themes and things have gotten wildly out of control.
Also, the whole thing's getting ever so slightly sluggish.

A few months ago, I tackled the concept of making a simpler Single-Column Mobile view, a task which didn't seem 100% out of my reach.
I got most of the way through, but with every step I took, there seemed to be 100 reasons to scrap everything and redo-from-start.
As such, I've been thinking about doing this for the entire time, since, and this week's lacking AGameAWeek has pushed me in that direction.

So that's what I've been focusing on, instead of AGameAWeek.

So far, I got the basic CSS stuff "mostly" working, but even that needed some help from fellow SoCoder members.

I've started a thread over on SoCoder, where I'll be, from here on, charting my progress, and whether things are going well or not! Hopefully they do, but.. well.. You never know, with the chaos of AGameAWeek!!

Daily Doodle : Patching

Platdude patches up a hole in his pants.
You can't even tell!


Wrestling with values,
the database is large.
I control all the settings,
'cos I am in charge.


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