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Starting Anew
  17th May, 2017


Not entirely sure how this week's game will end up.


I'm aiming for a shooter of some sort, but am trying to come up with interesting ways to make it play.
I'm currently working on a grid-based gameplay arena, and lots of little dots that run around within the grid.

I made a bit of a start on the graphical style of the game, last night, and got a decent look working but whether I can fit the game inside that, whilst keeping the style, will be the challenge.

Meanwhile, over on SoCoder2, I got main forum post editing to work, so today I'm going to start looking into getting the various forum sections up and running.
Currently you're reliant on the post being in the sidebar, because without any actual forum-section view, you'll never find anything!

Daily Doodle : Lost Again

Platdude knew it was a bad idea coming in here again.
How on earth is he going to get out, now?


Every week I start anew,
Wonder what idea I'll do.
I start to write and doodle too,
And then release it, right on cue.


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