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Which To Choose...
  16th May, 2017


I didn't get any game-dev done yesterday


After hours of SoCoder work, I was finally able to post and edit a comment on the site. A fairly large step in the overall progress I'm making on the site.
I also did rudimentary security checks, which took bloomin' ages, and tired me out to the point where I wasn't in the mood for any more coding.
Instead, then, I headed over to the KORG Gadget app where I did this week's SonicALly choon, which sounds bloomin' lovely!

After all that, I sat lazily watching YouTube videos for a while, and also managed to sneak in a couple of hours of Zelda along the way, too.

As I was about to drift over to sleep, however, a game idea popped into my head. Not only that, but the idea even came with a title, and everything! Amazing! Unfortunately "Defender of the Clown" is already taken, as a game title, so I'm going to have to come up with a different name for it.
What will come of this idea?
I'm not sure.
Hopefully something fun.

..As if that wasn't enough, last night's dream was totally code-related, too, with me trying to solve a nice method of generating paths. I'm not sure why I was trying to code that in my dream, but I think I came up with a fairly interesting way of making a nice landscape of paths.
I'll stick that idea on the sidelines, and maybe play with it next week..?

Aaah, the choices!
~Coding is fun!!~

Daily Doodle : Checkup

Part of being a healthy Platizen is having regular medical checkups.
Has Platdude's doctor noticed something?


So many choices.
Which one to make?
I need to choose fast.
Which path will I take?


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