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Next AL Bum
  15th June, 2017

I've decided that AL's next Bum should be a Pulpish one. "Something Borrowed.. Something New.."
Track one is above, and is merely a test. I've still got a few more of SonicALly to finish off before I can officially move on to the next one!



I got a lot of work done on SoCoder2, yesterday, getting the Search function to a mostly-stable condition.
You can search with AND and OR parameters, search for specific users, and even search in specific post-types (Showcases/Articles/etc)
Seems to work well enough, but next I need to add search through languages and systems, which I've gone and made infinitely more complicated by switching from a standard select box, to a user-definable text entry.


Meanwhile, I barely touched RetroRaider yesterday. I intended to get a whole bunch of stuff done, especially with the new menu system.
Instead, however, I sat down and watched this week's RHLSTP where Richard Herring interviews Paul Merton, and then finished off the above Pulpish track, along with generating the video and all the other related gubbins.
So, yeah, not much going on, code-wise!
Must work harder, Jay!

Daily Doodle : Chicken Flapping

Platdude's seen this hundreds of times in Zelda.
He's pretty sure it's safe.


Searching high and searching low,
Through topics large and small.
Finding things that should be there,
My script will search them all.


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