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Unsure About Leaderboards
  31st July, 2017


I'm going to have to double check with my old Framework to ensure I've done this all the right way.


I know that my old iOS Framework would intermittently resubmit leaderboard highscores, but I'm not quite sure how I coped with Badges.
The whole framework is currently in a wild state, as I continue to add and tweak all manner of bits and pieces.
I'm still working blind, too, having not yet tested whether any of my GameCenter code even compiles, never mind actually work.
So complicated!
I'm sure it wasn't this hard the last time.

I spent an hour or so drawing more tiny pixelart. This time, little 16x16 icons that will appear on the badges for Letter Lattice.
I've chosen 32 random words, spread throughout the game, in the hope that it pushes people on to the other side of the game.
No idea if it will, though!


Having ignored it for most of the week, I reopened the next AGameAWeek project.
I'd left it in a horrific state, and it took a long while to get the level generator back to the sort of state that I was intending.

A 32x32 grid with a randomly generated "splodge" of walkable area in the middle, and a wall outlining said splodge.
Add a bit of colour, and all looks functional.
I hit the "Make me a completely random level" button a number of times to test it, when suddenly it seemed to generate a Baby Platizen.

How odd!

Daily Doodle : Cheering Up Clippy

Platdude just can't seem to cheer up his friend.
Not even his usual piece of A4 paper is doing the trick.


Seeing things in randomness,
A feature in the wall.
It isn't really meant to be.
It's random, after all.


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