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  25th August, 2017


After finishing off yesterday's SoCoder Newsletter, I spent another few hours roaming around Hyrule, before settling down to do some more work on SpikeDislike.


A fairly busy day, but nothing too complex.
The new SpikeDislike is coming along fairly nicely, design/idea wise, but I've yet to start actually making the game itself.
I might end up doing that today, but if I'm honest, I really should be working on this week's AGameAWeek game, which is most-certainly lagging behind, at this point.

The current form of the game's icon.
It's very subtle.
People on SoCoder are suggesting it may be "Too" subtle.
Early days, yet.
I'm sure it'll change over the development of the game.


Seems like Thwackity Puttz definitely needs a tutorial, so I'll be working on that over the next couple of hours, finding the best way to get it to work, and then hopefully uploading it before lunch!!
.. Either that or it'll spiral out of control, and end up taking all bloomin' day..

Daily Doodle : The Library

Platdude's looking up some old stuff using books and other electronic based library facilities.


I'm not a fan of tutorials,
But I guess I have to learn.
Teach the players how too play,
A goal they have to earn.


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