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  29th September, 2017
Now available : Poke 5,n on iOS.

So, the review went without a hitch, and now you can Poke away at your iPhing. Sorted.

With that out of the way, and an animated fish waiting to be worked on, I grabbed the Laptop and prepared to code.

..Oh, except Windows wanted an update, first, and it was suggesting it'd take a while.
Clicking on "Restart Now", I grabbed the iPad trawled Netflix for something to keep me occupied whilst Windows did its thing.

I found the show Designated Survivor, which I hadn't yet seen, so figured that I could probably fit an episode of that in.
Nearly two whole episodes later, Windows had finally finished it's update.

I left it to fully reboot and "Settle in" in that way that Windows always seems to do, whereby it kicks the Fan off for the first half hour or so, whilst it does whatever the heck it is that Windows does in the background ALL THE TIME..

Another episode later, and the laptop was back in full gear, ready for me to return to the night's coding.
.. At which point, I put the laptop away, switched off the light and prepared for bed.

And put the fourth episode on.

I'm now up to episode 13. Ooops!
I didn't get a wink of sleep, and I certainly haven't gotten any further with the coding.

Today's plan is simple.

... Anything but more of that bloomin' show!!

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