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Starting The Actual Framework
  12th November, 2017
I probably shouldn't, yet, but I feel that things are at a decent enough point that I can make a start on things.

I still have oodles of things to add to the Engine, like proper load/save functions, and doing online URL requests for the online leaderboards.
And, of course, I've still not got the new engine running on iOS, yet. That definitely needs doing!


But otherwise, enough pieces are in place to start considering how the new Framework will look, and to start organising the layout of my framework's code.
I *think* that I can add most of the framework code into a separate .cpp file, and do a very simple "mid-script" include, to add the commands directly into the main.cpp's source. I think.
I'm not 100% sure on how C++'s include works, and if I'm honest, it probably depends on which C++ compiler I try to use it on.

But I can figure that stuff out as I go. It shouldn't be too difficult.
The important thing is getting the framework to a decent enough standard that I can then build the framework and the engine together, adding features as I come across the need to add them!
Nothing better to make you realise something's missing from your script, than it not actually being there, and you trying to use it!!

The Framework, as with previous Frameworks, will be the shell that holds things like scoreboards, general reusable menus as well as things like loading and saving. That'll sit atop the engine I've been coding, so that I can run it wherever I can run the engine, and then on top of everything will be a nice short little AGameAWeek, which will hopefully be nice and quick to code, because I'll also need to then compile and upload all the different versions each and every week!

.. Yup.. Lots to do..

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