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  26th November, 2017
I need to add a bunch of default options to the menu, for generic functions like Fullscreen, Debugmode, Overscan and things like that.

However, I also need to consider future projects, too.

The last time I tackled this, I wrote a plain flat menu system, but along the way I found it difficult to add new elements into the menu, since the menu was part of the Framework, not unique to each game.
This time I intend to give myself more options for future options, so I'm having to come up with a different way to generate the option screen.
Hopefully the end result should look and feel more or less identical to the previous option menu, but the coding will be much more reusable and per-game, rather than a framework specific style.

One thing I want to avoid, having tried to use it, this week, is having a "Nice" GUI that becomes unnavigable when trying to use a controller, or keyboard.
Worms WMD on the Switch has taught me that..
Looks nice onscreen, but ... Eeek!

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