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Oh, hello!
  13th September, 2017
And with the push of a button, WordPress is gone.
AGameAWeek is no longer held on a WordPress script, and now runs on a self-written "AGameAWeek" script.
Blog, Games, Pixelart, Music and Poetry are all part of the new single script, although there are occasional trips to other scripts for things like the Music Player and the Pixelart Calendar generator.

But otherwise, everything's self contained within a single 80kb script.
Might seem rather large, but there's a LOT of stuff to fit into the site!
Compare that to WordPress which starts around about 120kb before you include the stuff in the include folder, and... It's a reduction!
If you also consider the fact that I no longer need the GameList.php, and other old scripts, it's all a lot more compressed, and oodles faster, too.

A quick comparison showed an average of 1/3rd the amount of CPUTime taken up by the new script, compared to all the old stuff.

I'm quite happy with the way things have turned out.

Of course, I'm not 100% done yet.. I still have to get the Comments working, for starters.. But anything not yet done is generally stuff I couldn't easily do without making the site live, first.

So, have a rummage around, and let me know if you spot any glaring issues.

And.. Enjoy the new site

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