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Levels and Such
  15th September, 2018
Today should really be about making some new levels with yesterday's new tiles.


As I add more and more objects into the game, it's only fair to then try to make a batch of levels that focus on those specific new items.
That way, there should hopefully be some kind of progression as you play, with more and more obstacles getting in your way.

Of course, if you first boot the game and head directly into the level editor, then that's not going to happen, but I'd rather people have direct access to the full tool, than have to unlock things as they go.

If there's one thing that Mario Maker's taught me, it's that people can't be arsed playing the actual game, and just want to make levels!!

No matter. Today's about making levels, and seeing how much variation I can create with just the darts, bats and Jack.

Meanwhile, over at Foldapuz.com, I've added a new font, made everything a little neater, but still not bothered to make the website properly, yet.

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