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Sunday Catchup
7th March 2021  
Not 100% sure where this game's heading!!


I've added a timer to the top of the screen. If 1 and 0 are apart, the timer ticks down, and it's game over if that runs out.
I've also given them each a "B Button" function, when together. Hitting B will cause the current character to kick the other one. 1 kicks 0 horizontally, whilst 0 kicks 1 vertically.
All of these rules and buttons and things are all starting to get a little complicated. I think I now need to add a tutorial, or something, so everything's a little more obvious.

The engine is quite playable, now. You can run around, hop through the maze, kick each other to further places (and smash through blocks whilst doing it!) and ...
Nothing else..

I'm not sure whether to aim for collectables, or what.
Sometimes, not planning ahead has its drawbacks!!

I might add some enemies, and see how different that makes it.

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