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Focus, Jay...
The framework isn't done.
Stop playing around with possible games, and get the framework finished, first.


"But I'm SOOOO close! Can't I just start a little bit?"
No, Jay. You need to get everything working, first.

I attempted the Android C++ stuff again, yesterday, but once again haven't managed to get anywhere with it.
It'll be scrapped, again, and restarted with lessons learned.

I should really be trying to get the iOS stuff working, too, but the NAS backup still isn't complete, so the MacMini's still somewhat off limits for the meantime.

Badges aren't yet integrated, nor is any Multiplayer configuration, but both of those can probably wait until I actually need them.
I do need to figure out the best way to handle save-files. I'm currently considering making a separate "filelist.dat" file, and doing it all by hand. Not exactly the best methodology, but at least it would be the most compatible form.

So, what IS doable, today?
I might spend today playing with Buffer stuff, and seeing if that's workable on the targets I currently have access to.
That could be fun to play with!

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