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Coming Attractions - The E3 of AGameAWeek
  9th June, 2018

JNKPlat 2018

A new JNKPlat 2018 adventure is in the works.


Quite what shape it'll take, I've no idea, as I've spent the past few days battling with getting the tilemap to display at a good enough framerate.
I can see, now, why recent tile-based platform games seem to have somewhat shrunk in size. It's because trying to draw all those tiny little tiles using a 3D engine REALLY sucks!!

I settled, today, on a drawing method that seems to work reasonably well on both 3DS and Desktop systems.

From here, I need to decide on what size levels should take.
I originally wanted "exactly within the size of the screen" and 8x8 tiles, like JNKPlatDS08 was.. But due to the drawing issues, that's no longer viable.
Instead, it'll be a scroller, like JNKPlat2010 was.

The levels will probably be a lot more cramped, though, as I had a lot more fun playing 08's levels than I did 2010's.

From there, I'll probably redraw most of the graphics, as the classic DS tiles seem a little .. glarish, when upscaled to 16x16 tiles.

After that, build an editor, make the game, yada yada.

JNKPlat 2018 will be released at some point before 2019!


Can you believe it's been 3 years since the last one!? Crikey!

SpikeDislike will be making a return at some point in the next few months. I've tried to come up with a new graphical style that still feels like the original.
I've had this game bobbling about in my head since late last year, and indeed started a new SpikeDislike in my previous framework. All that's now changed, though, and it's going to be a complete rewrite to hopefully work well in the new framework, on all available systems.

One of the most important targets (iOS) is currently not available to me, and I've spent a lot of this week trying to figure out the whole "Metal" thing.
Hopefully I can get both the framework running, and the game working well, in time for a decent release.

Other Games

As always, AGameAWeek will be bringing obscure playable things to your systems. With Desktop and 3DS as my current targets, and (hopefully!) more to come, there'll be plenty of games to play, and ways to play them.

If you'd like to see me tackle anything specific, you can pop a suggestion into the mailbag, and I'll see what I can do.

Stay Tuned.

AGameAWeek continues!

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