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  26th April, 2009
1st attempted Java App.
It's a nice quicky program.
Pick a time, click start, when time's up it plays a tune.

Yeah, it's not much, but surprisingly the LGCookie (KP500) doesn't have one.
So here's one..

Quicky Timer <-- about 70Kb

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Daily Blog
  22nd April, 2009
I'm taking a day off from H~S~R today, thinking ahead for next weeks game, which may/may not be a word game.. not sure..

Anyhoo, there are bugs, and Swarmer found a couple, so head inside to have a good read about 'em.
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Daily Blog , Player Thoughts
  21st April, 2009
Yeay! It's Horizontal Shooter Redux!!

In this first release, there's a few pointers. Read inside for those.

Otherwise, nice and quick, here's a picture.

And you can Download H~S~R here!! yeay!

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  21st April, 2009
Protect your life-ships, and destroy the attacking waves
Views 3279, Upvotes 35, 21st April, 2009
Shoot-em-up , Swirly , Horizontal Shooter
  20th April, 2009
No scores, No End of Game, No Badges, and to be fair, nothing really new, either!

Can Jay complete about 75% of a game within a day!?

Find out tomorrow, when a probably incomplete H~S~R turns up, at AGameAWeek.com!
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Daily Blog
  18th April, 2009
Vaseline gives me migraines
Anyway, we managed to go, what, 30+ years of gaming without it, so I think we can manage!


Even more extra lovely glow, today. With a few tweaks, the background's starting to smear! Not sure why, but damn if that doesn't look cool!!
You'll be playing away, and the background colours all start to smear outwards, as if puddles of colour in some water.
Lovely stuff..
And completely inexplicable!

Anyhoo, onto badges.
Badges = Achievements!
I've implemented a nice multi-game-save system, so you should be able to keep your username throughout all future games. Nice and simple method of doing it, hopefully it doesn't go tits up!

Unfortunately, with the Badge-Display things only about half coded, and this game really needing to be done by Tuesday, I'm in a wee bit of a rush.
If the badges aren't finished up by tuesday, the game will be released, with an impending secondary "+ Badges" version coming soon afterwards.


But at least it's coming!
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Daily Blog
  17th April, 2009
H~S~R's coming along, nice and slowly.
As I add each new little thing, I spend about an hour playing with the lovely swooshy swirlyness of it.

The whole Texture-Buffer-Blurry thing has really added some niceness to the game.
And, just for good measure, you can turn off the texture section. So, if the game's not quite up to speed, turn off the blur, and the game carries on without it.

Every element in the game has 2 layers. The Sprite, and the line.
Lines are left in the background, to swooshy away, whilst the sprites are overlaid on top. (but, not actually on top, due to the complexities of my buffer system!) It means that whenever you add the blurryness, only the lines and swooshies are actually blurred.
You still get nice crisp clear game gameplay, but you also get a nice blurring background, too.
And with all the overly blurryness of it, it all blends together, a bit like how the old Geiss screensaver does it, with single pixels lines slowly blending into the overall niceness of the background.

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Daily Blog
  16th April, 2009
It's been 30 weeks since I last tackled Horizontal Shooter.

The last time, I used BlitzMax.
It was wonderful, and gave me all manner of nice swirly effects for those lovely background lines.

Until it came to running it on other systems, whereby a huge amount of incompatibilities arose, and the game kinda fell on it's arse and died.

Oh dear.

30 weeks on, let's give it another go!
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Daily Blog
  14th April, 2009
So, Red Dwarf.
I know there's a lot of complainers out there, but I loved it.
OK, it wasn't old Dwarf, and it really missed the laugh-track.
But that was good!
A good story, great acting, loads and loads of little injokes.
Good stuff!

More please!


No AGameAWeek this week, I took a lazy day. Nothing wrong with that, is there?

Meanwhile, here's a progress report.

I started a game last week, but the lack of a certain element made the game completely unplayable. I'll either put that element in, or scrap the game and do something else.

Haven't touched it since the last update.. whooopsy!
To be fair, the "missing element game" was meant to go into it, but without it's missing element, there's no point.
Meh, whatever!

I've been refamiliarising myself with the Samsung devkit.
Even though my phone's an LG Cookie, there's no point in breaking my devkit. The new phone works just fine with things created with the old devkit, so I might as well stick with it.
Hey, who knows, I might even bother to release any resulting games for other phones, too.
But probably not.
Having to develop for so many different possibilities is what put me off Java-dev in the first place!
So I'll be aiming for Cookie, first and foremost.
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Daily Blog
  12th April, 2009
AGameAWeek, except when not!

It's Easter weekend, the weather outside is gorgeous, and I'm really not in a Sit + Code type of mood.

Doesn't happen very often, but there it is!

So, if there's no Game this week, that'll be why!

Meanwhile, you might like to check out the new "I bothered to tag all the releases" view.

You can now flick through pages of Just Releases.
How handy!
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Daily Blog
  10th April, 2009
Giving yourself more work!


Last week I bought myself a new phone.
A lovely little phone!
LG "Cookie" KP500

Touchscreen, and stuff.
It's nice.
But it's time for me to complain, as I usually do.

See, the thing is, Java games. Proper ones.. That you'd pay cash for online..
They try FAR too hard to make themselves look good.
They desperately attempt to fling hundreds of "nice" "polished" "wonderful" sprites around the screen at once, like they've worked oh so hard on the game to make it look good.
But the phone just can't quite keep up.

I don't know why they do it. and it makes my phone unhappy.

Unhappy because, it's basically stuck playing this "Pipe Game" (that's its name) that came with it.
And, between Swarmer and my own recent pipe games, I'm all out of pipes!

So, I guess I'm going to have to damn well do it myself.

If you have any "Touchscreen only" game suggestions, shove 'em in the comments.

I'm currently considering bringing back Arcade Slots.
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Daily Blog
  7th April, 2009
A bizarre mismash of random thoughts this week, alongside an eventual plan of action, and only a day to impliment it!!


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  7th April, 2009
Help the mice eat all the cheese, and then get home.
Views 1578, Upvotes 22, 7th April, 2009
Maze , Strategy , Puzzle
  3rd April, 2009
I'm jumping all over the place, lately, aren't I!!
With Skeleton files to update, Menus to rejig, and even super-complex Socoder work, there's lots and lots and lots for me to do!
This morning, I've hopped back to Platdude's Retro Collection 2. Day 14 is a whole day away from Day 13. That can't be good! The game won't be finished for another year and a half at this rate!!

Right then.. Menus!

Previously I'd copy+pasted the menu system from the previous game. To be fair, it did it's job.
But having the game open up, and look EXACTLY like the last one, probably wasn't all that good of an idea.
So I filled the area in, and left it blank.
Looks rather empty right now, but once I pop some text and buttony things in, it should look ok.

I also decided to make use of the top screen, with the Dpad/Stylus images being up there alongside a brief description of the game selected.

So, that's roughly what it'll look like.
No doubt it'll have a couple of tweaks, here and there, before I'm done. But for now, that's how it looks.
Now I can add my 4 games into the menu! Woot!
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Platdude Retro Collection 2
  3rd April, 2009
Connect the alike colours to beat each level.
Views 1616, Upvotes 22, 3rd April, 2009
Puzzle , Strategy , Bombs
  2nd April, 2009
OK, as I said earlier, I've been playing with the Skeleton stuff today.
Whilst I was in there, I wondered how fun it might be if I added some kind of overriding features into my default engine.
You might (or not) have noticed, but since Wednesday Workshop Week #1, I've been placing all my game's data into the System folder, then into it's own Weekly numbered folder within.
If you get ALL my games (from the past couple of years), you can bundle them all together into the same folder.
The root contains all your little .exe files, and then the system folder becomes a great big directory full of numbered data.
It all comes together really well.

(If you download the full 2008 archive, you'll notice they're already setup like that, ready for play!)

So, I might as well add extra juicy bits into the mix.

I've got my skeleton to create a folder & file in Program Files. (AGameAWeek/GameData.sav)
If it can't do it there, it tries again in AppData, and if all else fails, it sticks to the actual game's own directory. (Because some folk might not have Windows permissions.. .. You know how some people can get!!)

Once that's in there, your Highscore name will be saved, and reused Over, and Over and Over again! Yeay!
The game will then keep dropping all it's highscores in there, from this point on, and since I'm adding stuff, I figured "Badges" would probably fit in there, too.
So we'll have, say, around about 5 badges per game, give or take, depending on how many I can be bothered to make!! (And, obviously, the more complex games should have more!)

Shouldn't be TOO hard to implement it all, but given that this will be a One-Time-Only deal, I really need to be sure I get it right first time. (ie, A game from this week would have to be compatible with the exact same file as that from a game I might make in a year's time!!)


Better get to work.

I should probably point out, though, that since this all takes time, I won't be re-releasing Not-A-Worm tonight!! .. I'm overthinking things again!!
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Daily Blog
  2nd April, 2009
OMG! The complaints are everywhere!

I guess the general verdict is that my games are too hard.
To be honest, I never thought of them as being "hard". I just kinda skip over the dull early parts, *ARRGGHH!! TUTORIALS!!!!* and get the player right into the game, instead.

But folk are complaining. So a new plan of action must be decided.

Today, I opened up my Skeleton frame doohickey, and decided to add a Game-And-Watch approach.

The engine now has a simple "GameStyle" variable, right up top.
The player will be able to choose between game's A and B, just like they could on a Game-And-Watch. But unlike the originals, B will be the easier mode.. You'll default to A, play Hard-Mode, and if you can't quite hack it, hop along to baby-B
B won't have highscores, A will.

I'm also tweaking a few other bits and pieces, but for the most part the A/B thing should keep folk happy.

Later on today, I'll probably post a BigBaby!-edition of WormBlast. For now, I'm working the skeleton!!
Views 13, Upvotes 1, 2nd April, 2009
Daily Blog
  31st March, 2009
I had intended to update this a fair bit. Add music, add extra pickups, things like that.
But in the end, I instead decided to leave it as it is.
This is (with added Highscore table) pretty much as it is at the end of the two hour session.
A nice simple game, with a basic gameplay method.

Guide the "worm" through the maze, grab all the blue + blobs, and avoid the barrels.
They're very very volatile, so.. best to keep clear of 'em all..

(Although, you do get points for blowing them up..!)

You can Download WormBlast here and then complain about how it's not really a worm..!
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  31st March, 2009
Guide the worm ever upward, to destroy as many barrels as you can.
Views 2058, Upvotes 13, 31st March, 2009
Snake , Maze , Snake
  30th March, 2009
Yesterday I filmed some stuff, a nice big 250Mb video file, and posted it to Youtube.
It took 2 hours to film, and then about 2 more hours to upload, before YouTube spent another couple of hours decoding it, before finally deciding that they weren't going to bother showing it in HD.

So, rather than go through all that, and waste another entire day trying to sort it out, I'll just post the annoyingly blurry crap that YouTube have left me with.

IDE = Blitz3D
Art = PaintShop Pro (7, the good one!)

View on YouTube

Ooh, in fact, 12 hours later, they've finally updated the video to HD...
Lovely stuff..
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Daily Blog
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