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Oh, heck! Blog
28th February 2011
I've gone nearly a whole week without posting anything.
That's not like me at all!
This week was my birthday, and although that day was nice and quiet, the rest of the week's been utter chaos, with 110 different things to be done..
No matter..
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Daily Blog
22nd February 2011
<img src="https://AGameAWeek.com/complete/Horizontal_Shooter_Gen4_20110222_Logo_thumb.png">
<a href="https://bit.ly/HSG-CWF_p">Captain Wants Freedom</a>

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18th February 2011
I don't usually do Friday updates, but today, day two of working on this game, I got things looking quite nice.
Figured I might as well post about it.
No gameplay (collision detection/death/scores/etc) yet, but I got a nice simple looking engine going, as far as scrolling, base enemy and shooting's concerned.
The current enemy are Base enemy. They sit on the scrolling landscape, and shoot at you.
<a href="https://AGameAWeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Shooty-Bang-Bang-...
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Daily Blog
17th February 2011
Forget Cassette 50, that's gone, bubye now!
4 rubbish semi-planned games is far too much garbage for one coder to take.
Let's instead return to our semi-rubbish unplanned games. They worked better!
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Daily Blog
15th February 2011
This week I remade Fantasy Center.
It didn't turn out well, I lost heart, and I have now, in fact, lost faith in the whole Cassette 50 project.
All these games really are a big bag of crap!

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8th February 2011
You know what they say. If one PC break down, they all decide to do it simultaneously.
That's exactly what happened this week.
A PC at work literally fried last week. Power supply and motherboard were both dead dead, and the guy at work ended up having to buy a new laptop.
Having spent most of the week reinstalling and organising files, I got through to friday hoping to do my AGameAWeek.
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Daily Blog
6th February 2011
Friday morning, bright and early, ready to tackle this week's game.
A restart later, the password entry pops up on Windows, and I'm ready to tackle this week's game.
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Daily Blog
5th February 2011
Back at school I used to randomly write thoughts into my jotter. Not school-based stuff, of course. I was an idea-filled coder, back then!
Lately, the ideas are few and far between, as anyone who's been following AGameAWeek lately has noticed.
My "Waffle" was general thoughts about gui layouts, game thoughts, and then anything else that randomly appeared along the way.
I'm starting to think that it might be a good idea to restart that old habit.
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Daily Blog
1st February 2011
Note : PlayMyCode is no longer available
A slight change this week.
I was planning to do AGameAWeek as usual, but was somewhat thrown off course by a request to make games, instead!
<img src="https://AGameAWeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/PMC3.png">

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29th January 2011
This week there shall be no AGameAWeek.

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Daily Blog
27th January 2011
The game that keeps on going, even though it's just a ball and some spikes!
<a href="https://socoder.net/uploads/795/dislike.jpg"><img src="https://socoder.net/uploads/795/dislike_thumb.jpg"></a>

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25th January 2011
Yesterday, Rob from RetroRemakes asked if he could do a spritesheet for Spike Dislike.
After a lot of back and forth, I decided to write a how-to, so any future requests could go a little bit smoother!
Here's some info on how to make 'em, alongside a bunch of all-important rules.

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25th January 2011
A nice slow paced shooter this week.
Poor old CPC Basic couldn't really handle bullet-hell type games.
Well, ok, maybe it could if you really really tried, and came up with a scrolling ascii grid of bullets, but for the most part it just wasn't happening.
Instead, Cassette 50 creators had to rely on other ideas. Like trying to kill you with your own desire to kill!!
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20th January 2011
Since I'm going to be doing Cassette 50 for a while, we're not going to be needing the regular Suggestion Box for a while.
As a kind of replacement for those, then, I'll be thinking ahead, and wondering about the "larger" projects.
Obviously one of the new ones is going to be a new Platdude game.
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Daily Blog
18th January 2011
How the smeg did I screw up the counting, last week?! I mean, REALLY!! I have a Google Spreadsheet that's supposed to be counting all this!
Spreadsheet reorganised, and counting fixed.
Silly thing..
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16th January 2011
The story so far...
Jay buys Mac
Main PC Dies
Jay worries not
Jay uses Mac.
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Daily Blog
13th January 2011
OK, I've gone through all the CPC Cassette, and here's the ones that initially jumped out as being at least vaguely redoable.
|update| Old Google Spreadsheet doesn't seem to work.. |update|
Next up, I'm going to start grabbing other editions, and going through them.
Well, I say next up, I've gotta make this week's first, though!
.. I'll go do that!
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Daily Blog
11th January 2011
Here's Terry Paton enjoying Spike Dislike on an iPad!
*video removed*
<a href="https://bit.ly/AGAW_iDev_Spike">You can get Spike Dislike for your iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone, right here!</a> It's only 59p, and all profits go towards another 200 AGameAWeeks!!
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Daily Blog
11th January 2011
Here we go, then!
<img src="https://AGameAWeek.com/complete/Royal_Rescue_20110111_Logo_thumb.png">

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9th January 2011
It's starting!
Cassette 50, Game number 1.
<a href="https://AGameAWeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Cassette-50-Royal-Rescue-Screenshot_09-Jan-2011_153935.png"><img src="https://AGameAWeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Cassette-50-Royal-Rescue-Screenshot_09-Jan-2011_153935-300x168.png" alt="" title="Cassette 50 - Royal Rescue (Screenshot_09 Jan 2011_153935)" width="300" height="168" class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-1135" /></a>
If you're hoping to Colle...
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Cascade 50
6th January 2011
I'm out of ideas.
I ran out about midway through Advent, and I think finishing that off has sapped every last ounce of ideaness out of my poor little head.
So, in order to continue to do AGameAWeek, I'm going to have to start doing things in a slightly different way.
I thought about this for a while, yesterday, and it does seem slightly plausible, if a little dumb!
<a href="https://AGameAWeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Cassette_50_K7_Cascade_Games_1985_Standard_Jewel_C...
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Cascade 50
5th January 2011
Why is it always the little random games with a dire lack of content that become the most popular ones?!
Lesson Learned : I oughta stop trying so hard, and just knock out the simple little games!
I was thinking this whilst doing the Advent collection. Some of those were really playable, and I had a whole lot of fun whilst making them.
On the flipside, doing the larger games like that horrible nasty RPG, and.. To be fair.. a lot of the Year3 games. They've all been kinda half-assed, and n...
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Daily Blog
4th January 2011
You all know how to play this one!
<img src="https://AGameAWeek.com/complete/Super_Spike_Dislike_20110104_Logo_thumb.png">
<a href="https://jayenkai.blogspot.com/p/spike-dislike.html">Also on iPhone/iPod/iPad</a>
Bounce continuously to the right, avoid the spikes, shoot at them occasionally, Super Spike Dislike!!

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1st January 2011
The year is new, but the logo's old.
Sod it. I love this logo!
I should be doing a year-long roundup thing, but I've not had much time, what with the whole Advent and stuff.
No matter, there's been some good, and plenty of bad, and that's what AGameAWeek's all about!
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Daily Blog
28th December 2010
No normal AGameAWeek this Tuesday, but worry not, there's still some games to be played!
<img src="https://socoder.net/uploads/1/xmasxompo_480.png">
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Daily Blog
27th December 2010
Hello all!

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Daily Blog
26th December 2010
Either it does, or it doesn't!
|update| It no longer does. PlayMyCode.com is no longer a "thing". I'm sad to see it go. |update|
Lemmie know!

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Daily Blog
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