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11th November 2022  
Another day of piloting my spaceship through the cosmos.
Perhaps it's NOT a good thing when the game comes out on Mac!!?


Methinks this Gek Captain might be overcompensating.

I completed the Atlas Path and made myself a Star Seed. Hurray!
There was no new-galaxy event though. I'm sure that's how that happened, before?
Have they changed it, or have they removed it from the Switch version?
Who knows for sure.
So I landed on a new planet and continued on my quest to wander aimlessly.

Today's Task List
1. Make a good start on Monday's game. Sugary Sweets!
2. Create a new SpikeDislike theme. .. Possibly also Sugary Sweet related!!

That's enough for today. I might also need to have a nap.

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New games every week!
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