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DevDiary JNKPlat2010 - Day Three
1st April 2010  
I haven't really been updating this like I oughta be, so here's the "So Far"

Day one (Tuesday 30th March 2010)
Make it Big

Decided to go with the "upped size" style, so set about redrawing all the old background tiles at a higher resolution.
I considered making 50-odd brick tiles, and give them all a slight texture, but figured that'd kill your memory, so instead created an overlay texture that would be added to the screen once the game's done it's frame drawing.
The result was a "Fuzzy Felt" style JNKPlat.
Looks kinda neat, but also helps the game keep it's retro style.


Day Two (Wednesday 31st March 2010)
Drawing Platdude

I spent most of the day trying to get a "Real" platdude running animation to work.
After about 2 hours of attempting this, the animation looked awful, plus I realised I'd then have to redo every other animation, too.
At this point, I figured I'd scrap the whole thing, and just bump up the old sprites.
They worked before, they'll work again. Sod redrawing, I'm no artist!!

Scale + Bevel.. Job done in 2 minutes.. Should've done that to start with..

I then threw the tiles into BlitzMax, got a tile engine working, and a very basic level loaded.

Day Three (Thursday 1st April 2010)
Run and Jump

Starting to move Platdude around the level. I'm starting with the pure basic stuff. Run, jump, climb a ladder, and pick up a sphere. They're objects 1,2,3 and 4 for very good reasons!

I've also added a rudimentary zoom mode to the game, just like I did with Blockman Gets More. A camera button will zoom it from 32x32 tiles, to 64x64 then 96x96, and again up to 128x128 tiles and then way back down again.
I'm not entirely sure if that'll make it to the actual finished game, though. The ability to see More/Less of the level might not be something a level designer wants.
.. Perhaps I should add a "Force Zoom" setting into the level files?

The game's coming along nicely!

Here's another great big screenshot, with maximum zoom, and the nice pickup effect.
<a href=""><img src=""></a>

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