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Bonus Round!!!
21st April 2010  
<a href="">DS Converts : Part One</a>
As much as I tried to make the 2 versions compatible, I did mess a few things up along the way.
Plungers and Darts move at a slightly different speed, and even Platdude runs at a different "steps-per-block" speed, too.
It's not a whole lot of a difference, but there's enough changes to have broken some of the levels.
So, rather than having a "Load my Levels" option, I'm doing things bit by bit, and tweaking them as I go.

Apologies to folk who made DS levels.. If you have, though, send 'em over and I'll shove them through the mountain of blitz code I've got, and see if I can make 'em playable again!

There are 39 levels in this pack, all from the first 4 level packs in the DS08 edition.
Plenty to play!

I'll carry on doing this some more, another day, so watch out for more Bonus Round material.. However, it's taken me about 5 hours to do these Simpler levels, so who knows how long it'll take for the tougher stuff!

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