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Flappadiddle-Doo, Beta 2, Electric Boogaloo
  11th February, 2018

Our second test of Flappadiddle with various improvements and tweaks and hopefully a better all-round experience.

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  • -=-=-

    I've been doing an awful lot of background work, this week, so although this week's release doesn't appear to be much "more" than last weeks, you can be sure there's an awful lot of fixes going on to get things a little more stable.

    Noticeable Changes

    The thing you will instantly notice is there are three "Worlds" which are more or less just graphical changes. There are subtle differences in the way the levels are laid out, whilst being generated, but once it then slices the big holes in the map where the paths are, it kinda kills anything recognisable! D'oh!
    Not enough fore-planning, there.
    I might try out some different "digging" methods, to see if I can get different feels to the worlds.

    There are different dangers in each world and, of course, there are plenty of colours!

    In addition, you should find the option menu is a lot less sluggish, as I've tightened up and optimised the way it's drawn. All those letters being drawn still causes a bit of a chug, but it's no longer as bad as it was.

    Things Unseen

    Oodles of little nips and tucks based on the feedback I got last week. Things should hopefully flow a little better for everyone, now.
    I've also attempted to fix up the Delta-timing stuff, so if you're running the game on a system that's playing it slow, be sure to let me know if it "Feels" better or not.

    Other background things have also been done, such as save file re-organisation, and adding extra elements into the engine that aren't yet ready to go into the game, proper.

    Forgotten Things

    The Mac version still won't save anything. I need to shuffle where it's attempting to save the files.
    The Mac version still won't play the music. Hmmm. Not sure how I can fix that. As far as I can tell, it should be working. It just.. Isn't!!
    The Mac version still doesn't have an icon. I tried getting the icon to work, but inbetween all the chaos of the week, that got forgotten!

    I haven't yet written a reusable readme.txt file into the mix. Although it's not really essential for Windows and Mac players, the Linux edition needs a brief list of sudo apt commands to describe how to install the OpenGL and OpenAL stuff, in case players don't already have that.

    People complained that the loading screen was sluggish, and I assumed that was because it was loading things.. After compiling the Win and Linux editions, I realised it might be the Blend-Mode change that's causing more slowdown whilst drawing the logo.
    I might tweak that in next week's version, to see if it's any better or worse for people.

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