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A Familiar Circle
  10th July, 2018


This time, the circle is being drawn with the "DrawCircle" command, as opposed to needing a giant gradiented circle image being in amongst the files.
Wow. Progress!!!

You'll also note that the "links" don't quite link up as neatly to one another. This is to allow for an additional gameplay mechanic which ... I hope .. turns out to be fairly decent!

As stated previously, instead of static Microbes, I'm going to be adding more lively targets to this game, so will be spending most of today trying to find a neat way to draw and animate such enemies.

I've got a nice enough game mechanic in mind, and hopefully I can pull it off, but there's probably going to be a fair amount of freeform tweaking going along, too.
I guess most of it depends on how good the sprites look..

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