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Back to Normal
  5th August, 2018
I took the day off from coding, yesterday. Ten years is more than enough.
I opted instead to just sit around and watch as Twitter went crazy with "AGameAWeek 10" Tweets.


I stopped worrying about mushrooms in Centipong, and how I might have to rewrite significant portions of the C++ Framework to get bundles to work right.

I stopped thinking about possible ideas for Xmas, and how I could make it vaguely different, as opposed to just a minigame collection.

I stopped thinking about what methods I can use to make a lovely scrolling background for a new SpikeDislike.

I stopped trying to come up with an interesting way to crunch level data so that I could possibly implement online level storage for a new JNKPlat.

I stopped wondering what I might have to do to finally get games running on Android, or how to rearrange huge chunks of code to get Metal working on iOS and Mac.

I stopped everything.

I relaxed, and did nothing!

And it was good!!

Today, all of the above continues.

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