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19th August 2018  
I didn't get nearly as much done, yesterday, as I'd planned.
Or at least, not all the elements of yesterday's checklist, anyway.


Level editing seems to be more or less working, up to the point where I can draw objects and have them exist load into the game in the correct places!

I needed to do a whole bunch of editing to the main drawing loop, first, though.
Adding mouse-to-grid abilities for drawing tiles onto the map was the first step, and one that took a fair number of goes due to the complications in 3DS scaling. I also found a bug in my framework's mouse/touch code, so tweaked that whilst I was in there, but now need to fix a few other bits and pieces around the framework to compensate.

Next was finding a quick way to reload the level.
Since drawing on the map only changes the shortened level data, and not the loaded level data, and to ensure everything loads the way it should, I opted to completely reload the level every single time you make any sort of change on the map.
This was, obviously, a little slow.
After a fair amount of tweaking, I think it's up to a decent rate, and now feels seamless on the 3DS. I'll need to keep an eye on it, though, as I add more complex elements into the levels.

As well as all of that, I shuffled about the GUI a little, and made a few minor changes to the overall engine. Things certainly feel like they're moving along at a decent rate.

I've currently only got the level editable whilst in memory, and today will hopefully be more focused on moving that information to and from the files.

That should be fun.. :\

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