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A VR Day
  13th April, 2019
I got an email from Amazon, yesterday, telling me that my Labo VR kit was on its way!!


I hadn't realised that was coming so soon. I had it in my head that it was coming towards the latter end of the month, but it turns out that that's when the Zelda BOTW VR add-on is due.

So I sat and I waited.
And waited..
... and waited..

The VRKit finally showed up around 5pm. For something I'd preordered, that's absolutely pants.
Ho hum..

Putting together the basic headset kit took about an hour or so, and then into the world of VR I went.
I've so far stuck to the very basic stuff, as I'm not sure how well my motion-sickness can cope with anything more substantial than that, but I'm happy to say that VR-queasiness was only a minor issue.
I think the fact that you can intermittently pull the thing away from your face, is probably one of the reasons that it's not triggering my sickness as bad as most headsets would.

Once played with for a short while (about an hour!) I pulled off the headset, and had a play with the VR-Garage stuff.
It took me AGES to put a spike together, from lots of little boxes.
It still won't "connect" due to all the little gaps, so I think I might need to make the boxes 0.1cm larger so that they meet up a little better.

Yeah, a spike and a ball, and some grass.
That's pretty much all the ingredients, right!?

I'm not convinced that I can make a "proper" SpikeDislike from this, but I'm certainly going to try!

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