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6th September 2019  
Saturday's Shoebox won't be Pool


I knew I couldn't do Pool in just a few days, so I've opted to do a quick strategy game, first.
I have "Isolation" working to about 90% of what I'd like.
The usual "AL's AI is useless" issue being the main problem, right now.

After that's done, I'll get back to working on Pool with the intention to release that next week.


I've been meaning to try out using the additional canvas of Browsercade to try creating a more solid background for games.
That is, drawing a "screen" of background onto the buffer, then reusing it over and over, whilst colliding with that background.

Scaling will be the main issue, here, but I managed to wrangle the buffer to work well with Clusters of Hex (where the foreground sprites sat within the confines of the brickwork alcove) so I'm quite sure that it should be doable.

I'm aiming to use a "two tanks on a landscape" style thing to test whether that's workable.
Draw the landscape to the buffer, then see if I can collide the sprites on top of it.


I've got no idea what to do for that, next week!
Feel free to suggest a few pen and paper'able games.

Petit Switch

I've made a nice big list of all my old favourite AGameAWeek games, and will be making my way through that. .. Maybe!!
I think I'll probably also use that list for Browsercade, too, since there's a few little games in there that I'd forgotten about.
Mmmm.. Space Monkeys..


I spent a couple of hours, last night, wrangling with the language and training myself.
I don't think I'll be adding it to the weekly rota.
... But I did consider, at the very least, writing a little framework, so .. Uhoh!

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