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  29th November, 2019
I've not done a Shoebox game for a couple of weeks. My mind doesn't seem to want to be bothered doing GUI/Mouse/Touch driven stuff, of late.
That's a bit of a shame..


Today I'll sit here, and try to spur myself on, by flicking through possible game ideas and seeing if anything sparks my drive to code.

There are SO many games I've yet to add to the Shoebox, and I don't really want to stop, but given it's already December in 2 days time (ARGH!!) it might finally be time to give things a bit of a rest for a short while.
Shoebox, Browsercade, Foldapuz and even Petit Switch might end up taking a backseat for the next few weeks.

Maybe one last Shoebox before I stop for a bit, then?

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