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12th January 2020  
Having to wait 24 hours for the new cache method to work for Shoebox, I instead decided to start work on adding the new Cache method of Browsercade.


Quite a complicated procedure, the first part of which is having to get the "combine-scripts" functionality working in Browsercade.
I did this bit MONTHS ago in Shoebox, but never got to adding it into Browsercade because... *shrugs* Laziness?!!

Now, instead of having one .js per game, a combiner script runs through and squishes everything together into a slightly neater, but larger, .js file.
This makes it much easier for the server to handle all the games. It's one file instead of (in Shoebox's case) nearly 70 little game scripts that have to be downloaded by the user.

For Browsercade, the functionality works much the same, so that was easy enough to add.
The tricky part comes next, and might require some tweaks to the music collection.
Having a bunch of different mods all over the place has made it a teensy bit tricky to add everything into the new Cache method.

I might, instead, try to redo a lot of the music into multi-mods into the latest games. I've already added multi-mod functionality, but the older games have their own mods, and it all got rather silly.

Other than the music, though, the cache stuff "looks" like it works.
I won't know for sure until it's all uploaded and immediately breaks, but for now I'll fiddle about with the music and try my best to get everything fitting together nicely.

Later on, I'll try uploading the new Shoebox game again, and see if it does indeed re-cache after the supposed 24 hour period.
And if it doesn't, I'll be pulling my hair out once again!

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