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Early Morning
8th May 2020  
Between about 5 and 5:30, my head started screaming at me, letting me know that it wants to do a new version of Poke 5,n for the Shoebox, and potentially even a version for Petit Switch, too.

I tried my best to get back to sleep, but it would just..not..shut..up!


Today's plan : New version of Poke 5,n for the Shoebox.

I'll try to implement as many new features as I can, and will fit it into the Level Select, rather than making it an arcade-style game.

My main issue right now is that the game tends to run based on a timer.
I've not made many games in the shoebox that are timer based, but the Match 3 does, as do a couple of methods of playing Strings, so I don't think it's "too" big of an issue.

We'll see.


I sat with a scribbly-pad, yesterday, and tried to come up with a vaguely new layout for the site. (Layout only, ignore the scribbled-onto-a-post-it style!!)

It still needs some work, but early tests are looking like it might vaguely work.
One thing, though. My particular style of typing, with all my line-feeds, and lack of proper paragraphs, doesn't seem to work very well when the content area is stretched to the full width of the screen.

Pages will, then, need to be confined so that the formatting doesn't go too wonky.
The frontpage snippets will also need rejigged so they fit better, and of course, there's CSS to battle with, on top.

I mean, come on CSS.. At least "try"!

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