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5th June 2020  
Day two of using the iPad as a Laptop replacement, and the many issues are apparent.


The control key seems to need a split second before it registers. Quickly thwacking Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V like I typically do, leads to things not always happening.
Not ideal.

The lack of Page up and Page down is quite frustrating since that's my main method of navigating through my haphazard style of coding.

There are a multitude of issues with the "touch vs mouse" difference that all need to be figured out.

Having said all that..
I managed this morning's pixelart and poetry stuff just fine, and last night's SmileBASIC game launch went without a hitch.
I'm getting used to the quirks, and even finding new keyboard shortcuts along the way.
My right arm is a little sore from all of the screen-reaching and poking that I'm doing in place of the touchpad, though.
Also, I'm extremely thankful that all my favourite programs have decent levels of Undo available!!

Today I guess I need to start coding something for Monday.
That'll be the REAL test for usability.

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