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18th June 2020  
The ALChoon's done, the Socoder newsletter's ready to go. What else??


I keep forgetting to post the Foldapuzzies! Gotta do that.
I uploaded a video for it, last night, and all the assets are ready to go, so that should just be a simple upload.

Today's SmileBASIC game is also more or less done. I might tweak the Game Over a bit, though, currently the dog (Dinkly) simply runs off the screen. It's very odd looking..

And once all of that's done, time to think about a game for Monday.


The new Asset Generator's now making a half decent DVD Case, but is still needing more content on the server-side of things.
I'm going to have to go through EVERY game in the archive, and bulk up information.
I might even have to start writing more descriptive descriptions for the games, instead of those short 1 line things that I'm used to doing.
Might need to pump up the levels of imagination, for this one!!

Expect some really surreal descriptions to start popping up.

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New games every week!
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