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23rd August 2020  
I completely re-wrote the majority of the Kakuro code, yesterday.


Previously I'd been picking and tweaking the original code, trying to wrangle it to behave better, but yesterday I opted to instead scrap a huge chunk of it, and rewrite it from scratch.
The result appears to be better, and goodness knows it's all running a heck of a lot smoother, but are the results actually better?!!

I popped a couple of the day's tests into a Kakuro Solver, and it seemed to be giving me the exact same results back, which is hopeful.
Now I'm just waiting for Facebook Graham to give them a whirl.
Hopefully they're OK..


Barely any progress on Browsercade's menu at all.
Every time I load it up to do it, my head goes "AAARGHH!!! MENU!!!!" and slowly drifts away to doing something else, instead.

There is an actual, alarmingly large, probability of me giving up, and turning the old menu back on..


Meanwhile, Meanwhile..

SoCoder user Rychan submitted an NES Controller Emoji, which I oughta add, but figured that if I were to add it, I should probably add a whole bunch of other controllers, too. So last night I started drawing a couple more, and I guess that's probably what I'll be doing for most of today, too.

Hurray for pixelart, taking me away from the dreaded menus!!

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