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JSE - Day One
21st February 2021  
Very very very very very very basic stuff, here!!


Don't get overexcited, I might still completely screw this up!!

This is the input.

This is the output.

Things of note

1. Handles multiple spellings of the command to SetColour/Color/Col, and Rect/FillRect
2. Uses ; or : to separate commands, and happily ignores any that are left at the end of a line, ala Blitz
3. You can choose to use or not brackets as you go, again ala Blitz.
4. Graphics sets the virtual resolution, but currently everything is then scaled to "as big as will fit on the screen, with the correct aspect ratio". The 0 at the end is currently nothing, but I'll set that to be something like "1=Specifically a size, or 2=Fill with Ratio or 3=Fill the screen without care for Ratio"


Absolutely tons
My next task is to parse variables. Good lord, that's not going to be easy, is it!?!

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New games every week!
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