Ranty bit..

You know what’s annoying…
When you click a link that’s supposed to be a fantastic new thing, but instead get an Advert.

I hate popus. They literally pop up just to grab your attention.
Nowadays they’re all stupid flash/javascript based things that slam themselves over your mouse cursor, just so you notice them.
You try to shout and yell at them, but they don’t go away.
Instead, they slap themselves right in the middle of the text you’re trying to read, and .. in my case, I usually swear and hit the close button.
If the web designer doesn’t want me to read the information they’re trying to tell me, then screw ’em.

Similarly, a fantastic new trend is emerging.
This one’s just as good.
You click on “This Awesome Fantastic Game!!!”, and rather than have the game go “Here I am!!!”, it goes.. “Here’s an advert.”, and then doesn’t let you do a fucking thing for half a minute, whilst it shoves a stupid irrelevant ad in your face, which is probably US Based when you’re anywhere BUT the US.

OK, ok, I get it. it’s all about ad revenue.
Sure, fantastic, great, amazing.
There’s other places to put them.
For starters, you have a webpage, put some ads on there.
And in your flash file? How about you tweak the menu to fit in a banner advert? What about a mini ad, between level loading. How about you stick it somewhere less annoying than “Before you even get to see a single sprite of your game”

It’s annoying.
And the end result is that I just close the tab.
I don’t play your game.

About an hour ago, I received an email from the developer of Balloon Rescue.
He asked for feedback, since (as we all know) feedback is rare on the net, these days.

My feedback was as follows.

When I clicked the link, an advert appeared. Then I closed the window.

Harsh? Yeah! Definitely.
But I’ve said that exact same thing about 20-odd times this month, and I wasn’t going to make an exception.
Advert = Close