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13th January 2020

Leave an idea!

Want to contribute to the crazy world of AGameAWeek?
Why not leave a suggestion for a game that I could make.

Your idea can be either a random scrap of a thought that you've had, a fully fleshed out epic storyline, or anything in between.

Is there a game you played in your youth that you'd like a new game in the style of?
Perhaps you've awoken from a dream with a bizarre odd gameplay mechanic in mind.
.. or maybe you just have a really dumb videogame title in mind, and want to see what I can make of it.
Go crazy, and let me know below.

In the "Who are You?" box, leave me a clue as to who you are. An email address, your name, a twitter username, or any other such thing that, when I credit you using that information, you'll know that I mean you!
Who Are You?




Notes about suggestions

Any or all suggestions may or may not be used, and since all these games are freeware, there will be no cash sum reward for doing so. If you'd like "Some of the proceeds", I can happily send you a bill for my server.
Credits will be given if I use your idea, unless it's something really blinkin' obvious, like "Why don't you make a sport game"!
No cookies are stored. No emails are used. Just enter an idea and let it ride!
You may use BBCode in your suggestion, but don't add too many links (2 at most) or things will be discarded as spam.
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New games every week!
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