What happens when you take 2 classic Atari 2600 games, and stick them together?

Centipong mixes Centipede and Pong to create a really weird almost-psychedelic game.
Smash the ball at the Centipede repeatedly.

You only have 1 ball to play with, but don’t worry! If you lose the ball, you could use bits of the centipede instead!

You can download centipong here, and give it a go.

  • Darig0n

    oh this sounds cool im gonna try it out 😀

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  • Shitterwing

    Omfg! i’d rather play Pong against Tetris (untahris), than th1s th1ngy

  • Shitterwing

    This gamey can seem pretty nice, if you are not a hysterio-zombie (which i am). Possibly… Millipong? (whenever a centipede touches a wall, shrooms move towards the pad)… Or… Duel Mode? (a/d keys and mouse, if a player loses all balls of one centipede, a new one spawns on opponent’s field)? or, maybe, add “frogs”? (frog grabs a ball when it reaches a certain distance, spills it in random direction)? maybe make duel mode a shareware feature of Centipong? I see this game is good, but not for such a mega-bad person like me. Sorry for insulting it “th1s th1ngy” before.

  • Centipong’s over and done with, that was January 2008, for crying out loud!!
    I once considered doing an XNA version of Centipong, but it feels absolutely rubbish with a joypad, and I can’t seem to figure out how to fix the thing.
    Aw well..

    And, as for your “Pong against Tetris” comment..!