Y2W8 – Blockman Gets DS!

Same game, different system.
I started working on the Munky Portal thing this week, but it didn’t really happen.
A shame.
No matter, because it gave me just enough time to remake Blockman Gets and pop it onto the DS.

(Note, those are two different levels! Screenshots are single-screen so that they fit in the archive better!!)

I’ve removed the boulder. It didn’t do enough, apparently, so now there’s a ghost in there.
It just kinda wanders aimlessly but it’s enough to put you off doing what you’re doing.


So, if you’ve got a DS, you can Grab Blockman Gets DS here, give it a whirl, and then complain about all the missing features!

AGAW Ratio, 8 weeks, 8 games, 6 PC, 1 DS, 1 J2ME.
Not bad! (But if I were one up, I could take a week off!!)

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  • I especially love the look & feel of your blockman games. I’d love to try and adapt this to my favourite C64 genre, e.g. “Pharaoh’s Curse” or Pooyan.

    I couldn’t find the second blockman DS game on the blog (the one where you have to rescue your offsprings) so I drop my gameplay note here : in that game, it’s somehow hard to move only by one block, making “intentional fall in small holes” tricky.

    Oh, the sounds you picked are marvelously fitting the genre, too. I laughed internally (baby sleeping) at the “bli blo blup … level Cleared!” and the “blo blu blip … Game Over” ^_^

    Keep Up.

  • I don’t get how Blockman and Pharaoh’s Curse are similar, but ok, why not!!!

    The block-drop is a side effect of me having reduced the whole gameplay down. When the game was 32×32 pixel block, and Blockman was actually only 30×30 pixels, it was easier to fit down the hole! But on the DS, everything’s 16×16, and it’s annoyingly awkward.
    I had meant to fix that, but.. well, I didn’t even really expect to release it, it just kinda popped out!

    For future reference, every game has a page in the archive that you can post comments to. Makes things a little easier to find! I’ve never really been a fan of Blog-organisation. Mostly because it isn’t!!
    You can find all the Blockman stuff here. Woot!

    Oh, and yeah, I seem to be grasping “Cheap and cheerful sound effects” quite well, lately! Although my new Win7 PC refuses to run my old copy of CoolEdit properly, so I guess I’m going to have to learn something new!

  • Blockman is quite weird, it’s not like a C64 game. It’s something new. Want to see my Blockman mod?

  • You made a Blockman mod?
    Sure, go ahead, let’s have a peek!

  • http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8BRQ3FFE – my first try at modding Blockman Gets More. (I just forgot about this site for few days). Apply this gfx file as the in-game one to see it.

  • Hello there.

    If you still have your Nintendo DS around and want to express your creativity at game construction a bit more, you may find my fresh “Level Editor for DS” interesting. More details on my blog 🙂