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Monkey Skeleton 13_02_25
  25th February, 2013
I've updated the uploaded Jayenkai Monkey Framework to the latest version that I'm using.

The Download

Downloads have been removed due to..
A) Lack of people using it.
B) Lack of ME even using it.
C) It's quite old, now, and getting older every day!

The Old Version

All of this stuff is still included

The New Additions

It's been a whirlwind of a month, and I've not really kept track of everything I've added and tweaked, but the biggest addition is GameCenter integration.
As long as you're using Monkey v67e or above, the GameCenter stuff will log the player in, and update their highscores and badges automagically. Simply tweak the LeaderBoard and Badge variables up near the top, and all should be happy.
As always, feel free to rejig wherever necessary!
(And if you're compiling for anything other than iOS, it will simply ignore all the GameCenter stuff. You can even do what I'm doing, and compile for Android using v66, and it happily ignores all the new stuff.)

If you do decide to use my framework, let me know

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