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Advent 2016 - Gamma Collexion
It's that time of year, again!
Time for your annual "Collexion" full of half-arsed minigames, and semi-broken quicky games!

Merry Christmas!!!

NOTE : Due to "Not everyone celebrates Xmas" reasons, the Collexions are not themed in any specific Xmassy style. The Collexion should be enjoyable by all!!


In this year's collexion, you'll be chasing snakes, jumping a lot, kicking some stuff, and dodging loads of things.

From today, you'll be able to play "Generic Snake Game!" which is the game for Letter A.
Over the course of December, up until Xmas Day itself, a new game will be unlocked!
What secret crazy games might there be?!
There's only one way to find out, and you can find out every single day!!

You can find the Collexion in the Archive, here
GameJolt fans can also grab the Collexion from there.
The Collexion should hopefully be available on Razer Forge TV by Dec 1st.

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