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  7th January, 2017


I *think* I'm happy with the direction that this week's game is going.
.. Which is probably a good idea since I need to release the game in just a few days!


Though, if I'm honest, the game could be better. It's a physics thing, I think. It's not quite right.
I may need to jiggle the physics around a little, before I'm happy with it.

Meanwhile, I set up a Bandcamp account for AL.
I'm not sure what made me do that, but I figured it'd be something amusing to kill a few minutes of my day.
.. It ended up taking about two hours to get everything organised.

I'll probably take the time to upload more of his albums over the next few days.

Daily Doodle : Awww, So Cute!

Platdude found a friendly little creature, down in the deep dark caves of Platworld.
It seems to like having it's head rubbed.
How cute!


Playtime persists.
More time in the park.
I must stop playing Coasters.
Every night, when it's dark.


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