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Friday MusicAL
  27th January, 2017

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I got a lot of work done on a game yesterday.
It wasn't the game I was supposed to be working on, but it was a fun little side-project.
Suffice to say, the pause menu's new plaything is infinitely more playable than the actual AGameAWeek game currently is.

It's not 100%, yet, but I really oughta be getting on with the actual game!
.. To be honest, I think I'm already bored of the project.

Meanwhile, OUYA finally approved both of the last two games, so all is looking good on the framework side of things.

Daily Doodle : Snack Time

Platdude's peckish, in the middle of the night.
Where did he leave those biscuits?


Finally something good has come.
The OUYA games have passed.
The problem with the audio,
is sorted out, at last.


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