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  9th January, 2017

Journal Aqua


And so begins the other new AL Bum.
Much like how I did Fanatically and Memories Of at the same time, I'll be doing SonicALly and JournAL at the same time, too.
SonicALly will be the remix album.
JournAL will be random bits and pieces, and mostly ingame stuff.


The choon above has, of course, been created for this week's game.
A nice little underwater choon for our happy little submarine.

The game's almost done, but really it's nothing magical. Just a simple hunting game, with oodles of death.
It's ended up feeling a lot like a "Collexion" game, and whilst it isn't a terrible game, it's not the sort of game I'm aiming for, this year.

But I guess that's what happens when you scrap the previous project with only a few days left.
An insanely quick game that looks hastily cobbled together!

Today I'm finishing everything off, and it should be ready to go in a few hours/
It still needs testing on the OUYA/Razer, but I'm fairly sure everything should be ok.
.. Although, I did do something quirky with the controller code. Going to have to double check that, first!

Daily Doodle : Measuring

Platdude's preparing all the ingredients in preparation for the wonderful batch of cupcakes he's going to be baking. I wonder what colour the frosting will be?


Today I have a migraine.
My thinking isn't right.
I need to rest in silence.
Go to bed, turn out the light.


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