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Oddities and Bugs
  11th January, 2017


Aaah, the bugs..


Bug number one was spotted by Patreon subscriber Rajasekaran Senthil Kumaran, who noticed that his game suddenly wouldn't re-open.
Digging deep, I discovered a flaw in my Framerate Display code.

Such a schoolboy error!

If you turn on the framerate display, then quit, the game saves the framerate display option.
If you then try to reload the game, the game insta-switches the framerate display back on. .. except by the point that it does this, it hasn't yet loaded the font, so rather than displaying the framerate, the game crashes..

That was a nice and fast fix, and the versions that are now online, all include this fix. The fix has also gone back into my framework for future games.

Quick, easy, and painless.


TeamOUYA's review was mostly positive, except for the bit that said "I'm not hearing any sound at all."


This has come up, before. But usually I can persuade the tester to try again, and magically it'll manage to work the second time.
This time, however, I've decided to dig-deep and see if I can figure out exactly what the problem is, and why it's doing it.
As such, I'm going to be (more than likely) spending most of this week digging through Monkey's code, trying to figure out where and how the audio stuff works, and hopefully wrangle it into something a little more stable.

.. I hope.


Daily Doodle : Bad Weather

Platdude's beginning to regret his decision to go sailing, today.


I'd much rather work with a pleasant script,
but these bugs are all happening in Java.
The reason I tend to use Monkey
is avoiding this sort of palaver.


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