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  10th January, 2017


Finished off this week's game, last night.


Got the game done, sent it off for OUYAReview, and all is good!
.. Hopefully, although it's not yet got through review. I hope it's ok!!

I'm going to start organising all the stuff to get the GameJolt and main AGAW uploads done over the next hour or so.
Not looking forward to having to do that "15 tabs open at once, uploading and writing descriptions and getting everything ready simultaneously" stuff again.
I forgot how much I hated that!!

So, that'll get done over the next while, and then it's on to the next game.
I wonder what that'll be..!?

I need to make a list, or something!

Daily Doodle : On Tour

Platdude's taking his show on tour.
The fans are out, and the microphone's live.


Sifting through the games,
I've really made a lot.
There's great ones, and bad ones.
And some best forgot.


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