Blog – Scrap/Start


Yesterday, I scrapped a game!

“Molly Hop” wasn’t coming along very well.
Well, that’s not true. It actually was turning out to be a fairly playable game.
Tap to hop, head up the level, rinse repeat.

Unfortunately, the levels it was generating had one fairly significant flaw.
.. They weren’t hard.

If you took your time and thought about the level, the speed of the main character meant the game was hard to keep up with.
However, if instead you simply mashed the jump key, over and over, without a second thought…
.. You would win the game, outright.

I considered adding more obstacles in your path, and maybe even some spikes, but those would’ve required extra thinking time, and .. Like I said, the game moved too quickly for that.

So, the project was scrapped.
Molly will have to go back into her spritesheet for another day.

I did, however, start work on a completely different game, and managed to get it working to a decent degree. So that’s nice!

That game should be ready (hopefully!!) for a Tuesday release.

Daily Doodle : Exercise

Platdude’s getting back into shape after all those Mince Pies during the festive period.


Cats on the fence.
They scream and they wail.
Fighting for territory.
Which one shall prevail?


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