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Test Game Started
  3rd January, 2017


Yesterday I started work on a quick Mulitplayer Controller Test game.


The game's as basic as the majority of GammaCollexion's games, but as I built it up, I noticed all those little quirks that I've yet to fix up.
Missing "most used" functions, like "WhichWayDoIGo" and "Dist_Radius" are missing, and realistically I could do with a better way of importing the framework so that I don't need 100 copies of the thing.
But it's a decent enough start.

Hopefully I should be able to finish this test game at some point today, then submit it for OUYAReview to get TeamOUYA to give it a good and proper multiplayer test.

Today I'll try to do that, as well as getting a few of those missing bits and pieces worked into the Framework.
I *think* the framework's nearly up to scratch, now, though.

There's still a few elements I'd like to add to the new framework, but I've left enough room to add those in as I go along. It shouldn't be too hard.
.. I think.
.... Maybe!

Apologies that, this Tuesday, I'm not kicking things off already.
I should be, but I'm not quite there yet.

Next Tuesday, We're back to regular AGameAWeek schedule.

Daily Doodle : Always the Hero

All Platdude wanted was a nice quiet drink, with his lady friend.
It wasn't supposed to turn out like this!


Today's a big day,
as I send off the test.
Will it work right?
I hope for the best.


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