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  16th February, 2017

Journal Fantasies



I spent most of yesterday working on the Admin page for my Scoreboards, which will save me, in future, from having to keep loading up phpmysql to do everything.

I need to do a lot of back and forth coding between the actual scoreboard scripts and the new admin scripts, since I'd stupidly forgotten to integrate a bunch of bits and pieces.
But for the most-part, things are coming together fairly smoothly.
But I don't have all week to work on it, and I really should make a start on next week's game, instead.

I'm a completely blank slate, right now.
I've not had any weird dreams about games, or anything, so we could end up with absolutely anything!
Whatever it is, you can be sure I'll try to make it high-score enhanced!

Daily Doodle : Listen to the Beat

Platdude is showing off his awesome ability to mime.
The other Platizens love it!


The issues of one thing,
Which lead to another.
I wish that one webpage
could chat with the other.


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