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And Relax..
  14th February, 2017


Yesterday was awesome!!


I've been waiting for two events before doing a proper "release" of this week's game. Namely that I had to ensure GameJolt would allow my own highscore functions, but also waiting to see if the new scoreboards would get through OUYA Review.
.. and wait.. and wait.. and wait..

Then, like a bolt from the blue, both events happened within about half an hour of each other!

With the game fully released on all my regular platforms, it was finally time to post that "Release - " post.
Mini Clampett was fully released, late last night, and that means I can now relax, and not worry about having to do 1001 more little things.

... Oh, except I have to fix up the previous few games, to sort out the odd flickering, and add the new scoreboards.


Never a rest day!

Daily Doodle : A Selfie Made for Two

It's valentine's day, and Platdude's dug out the Selfie Stick for a photo.


All the things are now in place.
It's time to fix the older game.
And then once all the flickering's fixed,
New ideas will be my aim.


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