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Nothing Found :(
  20th April, 2010
Join Platdude in his chunkiest adventure yet!
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Platdude , Puzzle , Platformer
  23rd December, 2017

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Daily Blog
  20th September, 2018
Foggy Flu-Brain!

I spent yesterday morning sifting through old JNKPlat versions to find what tiles might have gone missing over the years.

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Daily Blog
  6th March, 2007
Picross with added Color.
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Puzzle , Logic
  8th December, 2008
Folk who previously visited my DSBrew site will now find themselves plonked into this site.
This is AGameAWeek, and here I write a game a week! Just as it says!

I opened up my own little DSBrew site a while back, and started cataloguing DS games, but soon realised that keeping a DS Homebrew catalogue + writing a game a week didn't really work that well together, so DSBrew got left behind.

Up until today I've left it be, rotting away in an unused corner of the internet..
But.. There have been 4 new members join the site in the past couple of days!
It's a bit weird, considering no-one's joined there in the past 3 or 4 months.. The total is now 14!

Very bizarre..
And, really, I'm not sure if they're spambots or not.

I'm not taking the chance of spambots infecting my otherwise clean server, so.. Off it goes.
DSBrew's now an officially dead website. What was is no more..

For the regulars, normal Alien Deathmatch blog stuff is inside..
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Daily Blog
  19th September, 2018

Carrying on through my current flu symptoms, and I managed to get the last remaining "classic" tiles working in JNKPlat.
Those lovely exploding tiles, and pushable TNT block, along with the keys and gates, and an inventory for them, too.

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Daily Blog , 575 , Jnkplat2018
  20th February, 2017
Prevent your station's vents from overheating.
This ain't no moon..
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  8th May, 2013
Every day, AGameAWeek Gold takes a peek through the inexplicably large collection of releases, and digs out any old games that I've previously released on this day in history.
Occasionally there aren't any. I'm not fast enough to have that many!
But other times, there's more than one!
How odd!
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Agameaweek Gold
  18th September, 2018
Spent most of yesterday wrapped up in bed, sniffling and with a sore throat.
Flu season is here, early!

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Daily Blog , Flu Induced Rambling
  29th September, 2009
Guide Blockman without not eating!
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Pacman , Remake , Puzzle , Maze
  12th August, 2018

The centipedes have returned. Bring out your balls.

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Daily Blog , 574
  10th August, 2018
Minor tweaks to the still untitled New Centipong, but nothing too interesting to bother to mention.
Mostly yesterday was a sidetracked day..

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Daily Blog
  13th August, 2018
Although August 13th isn't a significant date in my health matters, it is the date that I wrote this rather lengthy blog post, back in 2012.
It's now become a bit of a tradition for me to post an annual update on this date.
Other Jiggity Posts

The posts are given the title "Jiggity", because my original post was titled "Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig"!
It's a handy keyword when searching for these health posts.

The Tumour

A tumour/cyst/blob was wedged in my head, somewhere between the Spinal Cord and Cerebellum, near the Fourth Ventricle.
Thankfully the tumour turned out to be none-cancerous, but once they removed it, the balance issues kicked in, and I ended up stuck in the hospital, on various drips and oodles of medicines, vomiting daily, for literally months.
It wasn't a pleasant time.

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Daily Blog , Health , Jiggity
  24th August, 2018

You know what might be handy?
If I had some kind of magic title generator, so I could type in the name of a game, and it'd go "Kapoof!" and magic me up a wide variety of possible titlecards.

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Daily Blog
  11th September, 2018
Staying awake,
Until late in the morning.
I code in the dark,
As a new day is dawning.
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  11th September, 2018

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Daily Blog , Foldapuz
  12th September, 2018
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Tv , Star Trek , Borg
  13th September, 2018

Another 4 levels of JNKPlat were made, yesterday. Nice and big proper levels that should take a few minutes to solve, assuming you manage them in the right order!

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Daily Blog , 575 , Jnkplat2018
  12th September, 2018
Getting back to what I should.
The game needs levels made.
I've built a lot, but still need more.
Alas, my mind has strayed.
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  12th September, 2018

...is the apparent name for the foldable booklet of puzzles.

Today I need to decide if I'm going to continue to work on FoldAPuz, or take the time to work on more JNKPlat levels.
Or, perhaps I should work on both of them!?!

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Daily Blog , Foldapuz
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