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  11th February, 2017

Journal Energetically



Good lord, the amount of stuff I've got working, this week!
Hopefully it all works!!

Tuesday's release will be the first of a new batch. There's a new feature, which will hopefully not completely fuck up.
*fingers crossed*
I've spent most of the past week or two trying to get all that to work properly, but blimey, it's been hard to get that working, whilst simultaneously making a game to go with it.

Nearly there, though. And it's only Saturday! Hurray!!
The music above is integrated, and today will be spent adding the finishing touches.
Sound effects, logo, icon, screenshots, that sort of thing.


So much stuff in such a short amount of time.
It sure has been a busy week!!

Daily Doodle : Forest Friends

Platdude's catching up with some of his forest pals.
Edna's being weird again..


Numbers and Letters,
Encryption and more.
I hope it all works.
It did once before.


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